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On 1 September 1999 Tiaan (M.C.) van der Berg opened a small one-man legal practice in Sunnyside, Pretoria in the boardroom of his colleague and friend.

At the same time Tiaan started a career of five years at the University of Pretoria (Tuks) as senior lecturer lecturing in Deeds and Notarial Practice, Civil Procedure as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution. This strong academic background in Property Law together with his skills in both Civil Procedural Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution gave Tiaan the necessary legal knowledge to build M.C. van der Berg Incorporated into one of the most respected conveyancing practices in Pretoria.

During 2004, now senior director Sonja du Toit, joined the firm. Sonja, who passed both her degrees Cum Laude and with top honours, brought a lot of additional intellectual capacity to the firm.

In January 2018 Nicole Alberts and Ramona Michael were appointed as directors and in 2020 Tabea Ramarumo was appointed as director. They are passionate about our industry and experts in their field.

From the outset it was envisaged that not only will M.C. van der Berg Incorporated be value driven but also that it will be unique in every sense of the word. We are proud to say that we still abide by these principles.

As a core value we embrace the principle that “all people matter” and from this stems our firm’s motto “Spread kindness and hope”. We honour this core value in our relationships with our clients, our service providers, our employees and their families.

Our long-standing relationship with estate agents, developers, bond originators, banks and other clients is testimony to our professionalism.

Regular feedback, contextualised information, accessibility, and professional drive powered by up-to-date knowledge are the cornerstones of our success.

We look forward to assisting you and to build a lasting business relationship.