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We support Huis Remme-Los, a self-care center in Germiston where eight people live who are all quadriplegics for various sad reasons. The house receives minimal government assistance, and it is our privilege to be able to assist them financially and emotionally. Our firm’s friendship with well-known Afrikaans singer Mathys Roets (also in a wheelchair) as well as his and Tiaan’s shared passion for motor bikes resulted in our involvement with Quads 4 Quads, an annual fundraising project, and thereafter Huis Remme-Los.

We, together with Louis Greyling of Greyling Motors, yearly co-host Huis Remme-Los’s year end function at their home in Germiston. These functions are attended by the staff of Huis Remme-Los, their eight residents and close friends in the community. The purpose of the year end function is not only to support the residents but also to acknowledge the caregivers that each resident needs to be able to perform the most basic daily functions. The house experiences great financial difficulty as they do not receive any financial assistance from the government.

The residents of Huis Remme-los are a true inspiration to us!